Check this Out ! ! !

We have just added a new piece of jewelry to our inventory and it is gorgeous.

It is a Pave set Vintage diamond pendant containing a total diamond weight of approximately 1/2 carat. It is set in 14K white gold, on a 16″ thin twisted rope chain.

This is a very interesting piece, not only for its outstanding looks but because it is actually 2 pieces of jewelry in 1 !

Depending on the occasion (or even your mood) it can be worn as a heart shaped pendant.  But, wait-un-lock the 2 sides and VOILA- you instant have a tear drop shaped pendant. Fantastic and available now at the fabulous price of only $495.00 !!

See the pictures to see the beauty and the design quality of this magnificent piece of jewelry. Stop in or call for more info!!

IMG_20140717_092202_802 IMG_20140717_092301_466


Summer is a great time to add some new and different jewelry to your collection. Check out our wide assortment of Rings, Chains, Bracelets & Pins-All at remarkable savings.

Mention you saw this post on our Website or Facebook and receive 10% Off our already low prices. IMG_20140709_155147_246 IMG_20140709_155125_490

Have a Safe and Happy Memorial Day Weekend

To all our fiends, customers and vendors, we want to wish you all a very happy, and above all, SAFE holiday weekend. Whether you are traveling to celebrate with family and friends or are staying close to home, enjoy the holiday, have a wonderful celebration and we look forward to seeing you all again very soon. HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY !!Flag Balloons

Take Your Daughter to Work Day

Tomorrow, April 24 is National “Take Your Daughter to Work Day”, a day in which our daughters (or nieces, cousins, granddaughters or just about any young person) can come to work and get a real good idea of just what Mom or Dad does all day when they go off to work.

It will give them an understanding and, hopefully, an appreciation of the effort and commitment their parents (or aunts, uncles, cousins etc) have for their job.

So, take your child to work with you tomorrow-even for just a few hours-to let them see how you spend 8-plus hours a day providing for them and your families. Hats off to you !!!

We Take Gift Cards

Ever wonder what to do with that gift card Aunt Mary gave you for Christmas or the gift card your co-workers got you on your birthday that you’ll never use? Sell it to us !! We’ll pay you up to 50% of the card’s value with cold hard cash that you can actually use-How great is that ! Any card-restaurants, department stores, home improvement stores-bring them in and let us make you some money.


YES YES YES WE ARE OPEN !!! During our construction and re-model we are still open for business and able to help you with any short term financial needs you may encounter. Don’t let the project we are working on stop you from coming in-we are here to help you, as always.         BECAUSE YOU MATTER !!


Store Re-Model

So, we’re off and running with the store upgrades. Painting has started, new flooring is in and ready to go down and the showcases are ordered !! It’s going to look amazing once it’s completed and we want all of our friends, customers and colleagues to come and enjoy shopping and conducting any other transactions in our new, modern store-you won’t be disappointed. Check back regularly for updates !!

Store Upgrades !!!

Watch for the brand new, renovated, beautiful New England Pawnbrokers coming soon. Our showroom will be upgraded with new fixtures, lighting and flooring, all to make your experience with us a truly exhilarating and memorable one. Stay tuned for more updates.

Gold Jewelry Information

Gold has been around for thousands of years. It has been used by man to make jewelry, used as currency and has adorned the crowns of kings and queens.
Gold is an element and is mined deep beneath the Earth. By itself, it is a very soft metal so when it is used to make jewelry, it is usually alloyed (mixed) with other metals, such as copper or nickel, to give it strength.
The purity of gold (pure gold content) is measured in Karats. A Karat stamp is usually found on jewelry as the letter”K”. 24K=100% gold so you can now determine the purity or percentage of gold in your jewelry.
For example, if you have a ring and it is stamped inside 10K, that means you have
10K/24K=0.417 or 41.7% gold. Sometime you will see “417” stamped on your jewelry-that indicates that it is 10k gold.
The same is true for a piece of jewelry stamped 14K or “585”
14K/24K=.583 or 58.3% gold. You will also see “585” on your jewelry-that means it is 14K gold.
The higher the number, the more gold it contains-14K has more gold in it than 10K and 18K has more gold than 14K.
18K/24K=0.75 or 75% gold. Jewelry made with 18K (or 19K) tends to be softer than other jewelry because of the higher gold content.
The staff here at New England Pawnbrokers hope that we have given you some knowledge about gold and how much gold is in your jewelry.
Feel free to come in or call us with any questions about your jewelry and its value-we are always at your service.

Durfee H.S. Boys Basketball

Congratulations to the Durfee H.S. boys basketball team . They’re going to the State Tournament for the first time since 2010. They beat New Bedford on Friday 72-54 to win the Big 3 title. Way to go guys…CONGRATULATIONS and GOOD LUCK !!!