What can I bring in to get a loan?

You can bring in most anything: Jewelry, Gold, Diamonds, Laptops, Guitars, Televisions (LCD type), iPods, DVD Movies, Video Game Systems, Video Games, Digital Cameras

How long do I have to redeem my merchandise?

You have up to 5 months on a Jewelry loan and up to 3 months on an Electronics loan.

What if I can’t pay the whole loan in full?

If you can’t afford to pick up your loan when the time is up, don’t worry-you can always pay the accumulated charges and roll the loan over and get more time. At any time during the loan period you can always come in and make payments so that when you do pick up your merchandise it will be less money that you will have to pay.

We offer flexible payment options-Come in and talk to any of our courteous, professional staff members. We’ll be glad to assist you.

What forms of identification do you accept?

We accept any State or Government issued picture identification: Driver’s License, State issued Identification Card, Military ID Card, Current Passport.

What happens if I can’t redeem my merchandise?

If for whatever reason you either can’t or don’t want to pick up your items, don’t worry-there is no penalty or consequence for not picking up your articles. We don’t report to any credit bureaus and you can still bring in other merchandise even if you have not picked up other loans.

I lost my pawn ticket – what happens?

If you lose your pawn ticket you should notify us so we can make a notation in your profile. You will need your current valid picture ID to redeem your articles.

Can I come in and buy merchandise?

YES-YES-YES!!! We have good quality, gently used out of pawn merchandise at significant discount prices – Come in and check out our selection of jewelry, DVD movies, videos games and other quality merchandise at bargain prices!!!

My jewelry is broken – can I still bring it in for a loan?

You can bring in jewelry in ANY condition – broken, bent – it doesn’t matter. Gold value is determined by Karat (percentage of gold) and its weight.