One Class Act ! ! !

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of living our lives, at the end of the day when we listen to the news all we hear about is the chaos in the world, the violence  and the sickness. We sit there and shake our collective heads and say “What’s up with the world?”

And then we hear about someone doing the extraordinary, going above and beyond what the average person or organization would do.

Big Big cheers and kudos to the Cincinnati Bengals.  They drafted a player, Devon Still who after pre-season had not developed in the manner they had hoped and cut him.Then the management of the Bengals learned that Still’s 4 year old daughter was diagnosed with a Stage-4 cancer. Obviously, his head was not 100% on football but what happened next was outstanding. The Bengals put Devon Still on their practice squad, meaning he will still draw a salary and, more importantly, keep his health insurance. He will not have to travel to away games so he can spend more time with his daughter at this very critical time. The management of the Bengals put their heads together and said “How can we help him at this most agonizing time in his life?”

Let’s all take a moment to say a little prayer for a little 4 year old girl who can now fight this battle with her Daddy by her side. Tonight, when you get home, give all your loved ones a big hug. And let’s all never forget to look at the big picture.

Hats off to the Bengals-One Class Act ! ! !


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